Paying it forward through Hip-Hop

Growing up in general is hard enough even without the challenging restrictions of being raised in a low income community. The Gateway Project YYC aims to help at risk youth in these depressed areas. We wish to help them develop personally and hone their talents in Hip-Hop, all without removing them from their communities. By removing those barriers which discourage these extraordinary humans from developing, we can focus on cultivating and showcasing their considerable talents. This will in-turn instill the confidence and fundamentals to be valued members of their communities.

Hip-Hop has an infectious way of lifting spirits through expression and creativity. Regardless of the image the media and the music industry sometimes try to portray, Hip-Hop has always been a vehicle for use in the expression of the positive messages of peace, love, respect, unity, and knowledge. Most of all Hip-Hop is about having fun, through music and dance. PULSE Studios is devoted to expressing these values through our work at “The Nest.” We want to keep these core values at the forefront of The Gateway Project YYC as we seek to develop and deliver a positive Hip-Hop culture in our own Calgary communities.

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Our Mission

To mentor talented youth in hip-hop dance. We drive them to become teachers and mentors themselves. With this new confidence and experience, they can consider the possibility of using their talents to strengthen their communities, help support their families and express themselves as artists. We wish to use our connections and expand their world by connecting them with other hip-hop artists, teachers and mentors across the country and around the globe.

Welcome to The Gateway Project YYC

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Our Goal

The Gateway Project YYC will mentor high school age dancers to help them become employable in dance should they choose to pursue dance as a career or use this program as a gateway to a career. We wish to create a community that will bridge the gap across the economic and community spectrum. Showcasing talented artists who share a high-level of skill and are true ambassadors of the Hip-Hop dance culture.

Once in the program, artists will develop their talents by learning how to teach and mentor elementary students in their communities facilitating FREE after-school programs. They will continue to train and expand their knowledge of Hip-Hop, while participating in a creative process with other pre-professional dancers. All working together towards a theatre performance in the spring.

To execute this financially, our goal is to raise $200,000. These funds will go towards running and operation of The Gateway Project in as many communities as possible. It will also allow us to offer each of the candidates who successfully complete the year-long project a grant of $1000, pay program facilitators, rent community space, theatre rental and create any materials needed to ensure the project is a success.

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The Party

You are in for a great night! The party will include the best in Hip-Hop and a performances by The Gateway Dancers as well as dancers from PULSE Studios. There will be an opportunity to eat great food & drink, enjoy great conversations, partake in our fundraising casino and dance the night away. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Please join us and dance the night away for this great cause.



Below are some photos from last years events hosted by CBC’s Tim Tamashiro.


The Gateway Project YYC launch party is a semi formal event, keeping it classy with black-and-white attire!


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Tony “YNOT” Denaro Two Penny Restaurant
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Bianca Todd Man Day Grooming
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Master Chocolat slsnaps
Ruth Everett-Lole Chatters East Hills
Mega Sat and Sound. Pelaton Cycling
Shef’s Fiery Kitchen R&R Wellness
Last Standing Co. Bamboo Ballroom
Cartriona Wright - Norwex Viola Pilates
Doggone Running Limited. Words and Co. 
Accentric Salon Sage Hill
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Dave Kelly & Blythe Butler
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Lindsay Campbell & Cullen Jennings
Terry & Lora Wyman
Katherine Harmsworth & Jason Green
John Berg
Billy Etty
Mary Ann Boyde
Sylvia Matter
Paula & Dean Patry
Patricia Van de Sande & Tim Flaman
Kristyn & Michael Drever
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