Mentoring youth in Hip-Hop to create young leaders to strengthen community & family

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To Mentor talented youth in Hip-Hop Dance So that they have the ability to become teachers & mentors themselves. To further develop their talents and strengthen their communities, support their families, express themselves as artists and individuals to inspire others. As well as to expand their worlds by connecting them with other Hip-Hop artists, teachers and mentors across the globe.



The Gateway Project is a multi-year program that offers free programming to talented young cancers in the Hip-Hop dance culture to extensively develop their skills in dance, leadership, and self expression. The project goes beyond the youth in the program by creating performances and opportunities for the youth to use their new skills to educate and inspire other youth beyond their communities. It also creates a gateway to employ-ability and mentorship for future careers opportunities for the future of the youth in the program.


To strengthen communities where Hip-Hop is already happening at a high level & mentoring high school aged dancers to become leaders.


Developing youth dancers teaching abilities so they can become mentors to younger elementary school youth in free after school programs


Mentoring High School aged dancers to become employable in dance as a gateway into a creative career.


To build a community of youth united in Hip-Hop dance culture that develop a high level of skill and can use it in performance and mentor-ship to inspire others beyond their communities


“Mentor high school youth in dance to help them become employable in a creative career!”

Tara Wilson  |  Founder



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